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Information Management Services

In Today’s business scenario, the organization, security, and the recalling of data are important for running a business properly. If a business has access to all the data of previous or subsequent years, it becomes very easy to form informed decisions about the next approach and/or other factors that may come in the process of decision making.

What we do

If you have a business whose data requires proper management, we, at the BAR360.com.au are always here to provide Enterprise Information Management services. We guarantee the best analysis and projection of the data for your concern. We also provide consultation and examination of big data.

What we Offer

Our service list comprises of different required stages and services for the management of the important datasets. Our menu of services is vast and has all the required facilities. We perform detailed data analysis, data architecture, and data integration to give you in-depth insights into the information. Upon the analysis, we next go into the database virtualization and provide you with a proper data warehouse. We can even give you a dashboard analysis if you should need so. Our experts can extract the relevant data point and give you a point-by-point strategy, which will be immensely helpful in chalking out the roadmap of the future.

Analysing Institutional Data

Our responsibilities do not end by just giving you the analysis of the institutional data, but the complete health check and assistant services also. We provide the personalized, specific trend from an immense load of data and help you by our Enterprise Information Management on finding the proper stimulating point of your client base. This kind of Big Data testing and Extract-Transform-Load resting or ETL testing is also a routine job hob for us.

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We also provide extensive transformation services and we cover legacy sources with metadata conversion. Give us a call to know about our services and charges.

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    Data Insights

    • Analytics
    • Data Architecture
    • Data Integration
    • Data Warehouse
    • Reporting
    • Visualisation


    • Strategy, Roadmap & Consulting
    • Health Check and Assessments


    • Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) Testing
    • Test Automation
    • System Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Infrastructure Testing
    • Dev Op Testing


    • Legacy sources to SaaS
    • Legacy to COTS
    • On – Premise to Cloud
    • Gap Analysis
    • Reconciliation & Auditing