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Business Intelligence (BI) answers the questions you never thought you know about your organisation.

By not using the BI, businesses spend most of their time on task that provide little to no value.

Businesses of all sizes benefit from BI, you gain competitive advantage by quickly and cost effectively through the BI platform.

BI uses raw data and transforms them into actionable business insights, so you can make calculated decisions that can improve your business. for example you analyse supply chain and sales information that can assist you with strategic planning.

You will get answers to common questions like:

  1. What is our actual vs target sales performance?
  2. What is our customer conversion rate?
  3. What is the customer affinity to their products?
  4. What is our product strike rate?
  5. Which are our top and bottom selling products?
  6. Which are our top product by margin?
  7. Which are our best performing brands?
  8. Which are our top profitable locations?
  9. Which are our profitable customer segments?
  10. Which marketing promotions have worked?

BI helps you make informed strategic tactical operational decisions, defining business goals, objectives and policies.

Why don’t businesses embark on BI projects?

Most businesses find it difficult to make the financial investment in technology and human resources required to build the BI solution.

It’s not all about technology, BI involves people process tools and applications that help you organise and enable access to data and analyse information.

When you adopt BI, you would spend more time on high-value tasks that enhance your business. BI enables you to make informed decisions, monitor business performance and increase revenue.

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