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The buzz of RPA is on the rise, wondering what it is?

RPA is a set of invisible robots, sitting inside your soft premises, navigating between various systems by feeding in, monitoring, controlling and processing at an incomparable speed with humans.

RPA is seen as the new BPM, with a mix of AI / ML and data-driven decisions to drive improvements in business process, driving efficiency, speed of delivery, reducing costs and more importantly mitigating business continuity risks.

Benefits :
• Adhering to compliance and regulation
• Improving process efficiencies, Accuracy and consistency
• Minimising human intervention and avoiding errors
• Tracking completion time and effort
• New avenues and opportunities

Based on our experience, the results vary from organisation to organisation, and for different areas within the same organisation. However, RPA typically delivers 30-45% of cost savings. Payback periods are often measured in weeks, instead of the months and years required for software development projects.

Use cases for RPA
Best suited for any repetitive, frequent, large volume, manually intensive, resource-intensive and error-prone processes.

We believe the best candidates for RPA are the automation of repeated processes, which can be anything from a simple reporting to a complex business process.

Approach to RPA is simple, Start small, decoupled and be agile, be prepared to face some bottlenecks whether its a data quality issue or a system limitation. Allow your self-time do a series of validations i.e “proof of values” to assure the being on the right path, the right selection of technologies. some times business adoption could be slow, but sure to give you right downstream benefits as processes mature.